The Bluefield Development leadership team has a strong track record of successful solar project development, and the business has significant capital funds ready to deploy.

Working with Bluefield means you have the ability to only deal with one group throughout the full solar farm lease duration.

Why partner with Bluefield?

  • The Bluefield Group has an 11-year track record of successful solar project investment and operation, with significant capital funds ready to deploy
  • You have the opportunity to deal with only the Bluefield Group throughout the development and operation of the solar asset
  • We offer a generous 30-year guaranteed land rental income
  • We work closely with you to integrate the project with your business and to maximise its environmental and biodiversity benefits
  • We encourage dual usage of the land, enabling the grazing of sheep throughout the project lifetime
  • We will seek to engage with the local community early in the development process

What land are we are looking for?

  • 100 acres to 250 acres
  • Industrial, Brownfield or poor grade agricultural land
  • Well-screened, mainly flat or south-facing land
  • Not overlooked by neighbours
  • Cost effective grid connection via nearby overhead power lines (33kv, 66kv or 132 kv) or substations (we will investigate this at our cost)
  • Good site access for construction and maintenance
  • No restricted covenants or rights to the land that may restrict a solar farm (e.g. hunting/shooting etc)
  • No intrusive easements/rights of way which may prohibit a solar farm unless these can be worked around (e.g. high pressure gas mains crossing the land)
  • Not of specific natural, scientific or public interest (e.g. area of outstanding natural beauty, green belt, SSSI etc)
  • Not situated in a flood plain

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